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In 2015 Infrastructure Ontario commissioned the archeological firm Timmins Martelle Heritage Consultants  to lead its Armoury Street dig at the site of the new Courthouse at Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto. The dig unearthed tens of thousands of artifacts and remnants of objects from the neighbourhood that once stood at the center of Canada's most populous city. Fish bones and coconut and oyster shells were some of the recognizable food remains that shed light on residents’ eating habits. Ceramic dishes, milk and seltzer bottles, children’s toys and shoes were some of the household items that reveal telling details about everyday life in the area. Holly Martelle led that dig as its chief archeologist. See some of her favourite objects in our Gallery. Below are a few of the objects included in the Into The Ward Augmented Reality exhibit.

Details about these objects were kindly provided by the TMHC archeologists, and by their book 2018 The Ward Uncovered: The Archaeology of Everyday Life (Coach House Books).

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